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Rules of Blackjack

Rules of BlackjackThe game of Blackjack, commonly known as 21 (Twenty-One) is one of the most popular games in casinos all over the world. It is probably the most popular card game on the planet. Blackjack is a card game that requires certain strategies, and is normally played on group tables of 6 players. However, each of the players in fact pits themselves against the croupier on an individual basis, and therefore players never play against each other. In online casinos you will be playing directly against the croupier, with no other players at the table, unless you should choose to apply System 21 in a real casino.

Your aim as a player is to reach a score of 21 with your cards, or as close to 21 as you can get. Both the player and croupier have Blackjack when their initial two cards are an Ace and a 10 (Ace + 10 or Ace + face card). Blackjack is normally played with 6 decks of cards at once which are automatically shuffled by machine during the game.

Firstly, cards are dealt to all players. The two cards you will receive will always be face up, meaning that both you and the croupier can see your hand. The croupier’s cards are placed one face-up and one face-down. The croupier’s face-up card is the one that will influence the decisions that players take regarding their hand: that is to say, depending on the croupier’s card, you will know what to do or not do on the next turn.

The aim of the croupier is also to reach 21. However, the value of the croupier’s cards must always add up to a total of 17 or over: in other words, if the croupier’s first two cards are worth less than 17, they will have to take more cards until they reach a minimum of 17 and a maximum of 21. If the croupier’s hand exceeds 21, they go bust and you win the hand. If the croupier has between 17 and 21, you will only win if you can beat his hand, reaching a draw if the value of your hand matches that of the croupier. If the total value of your hand is less than the croupier’s, you lose that hand.

Blackjack pays out at 2 to 1, but if you make Blackjack with the first two cards you win at 3 to 2. If the croupier makes Blackjack, he beats all players at the table even if they also achieve 21. When both you and the croupier make Blackjack, it is considered to be a draw (“push”) and your bet is refunded.

Please note: getting to 21 points is not the same as having Blackjack. Although both hands have a value of twenty-one, the first is achieved with various cards whose total value is 21. Blackjack is when 21 is achieved with the first two cards: an Ace and a 10 (Ace + 10 or Ace + face card).

Value of cards in Blackjack.

In Blackjack, all face cards are worth 10, whether a King, a Jack or a Queen. This value of 10 is independent of the suit. Number cards count for their natural value: a four is worth four, a seven is worth seven, etc.

The Ace is the only card in Blackjack that can be worth either 1 or 11. You choose the value of your Ace depending on whether you need more or less points. When you play at an online casino, the gaming software adds up the value of your cards itself, applying the value of the Ace that most benefits your hand.

Basic rules of Blackjack

Split – When a placer receives two cards of identical value, they can be split to make two separate hands. This means that the player is now placing another bet of the same value as the first, and is now playing two hands. The game continues as before: the player receives another card for each hand and can ask for more cards, stand, or double their bet. When the Split involves two Aces, the rules are slightly different. In the case of a Split with two Aces, the player will only receive one more card for each hand. If, when playing split Aces the player reaches 21 with a face card and an Ace, the hand is nevertheless not considered to be Blackjack.

Double Down – When a player receives two cards that add up to a relatively low value and the player thinks that the next card will allow them to reach a high score, they can double their bet and receive another card. Usually, a Double Down is permitted when a player has a hand worth between 8 and 11, but these numbers can depend on the rules or the software used by each casino: some casinos allow bets to be doubled with lower and higher values.

Insurance – As long as the croupier has an Ace on the table the player has the possibility of placing insurance on their bet. This insurance is equivalent to half the value of the bet in play. If the croupier makes Blackjack, the player loses but receives the value of their insurance 2 to 1; that is to say, they receive the value of their bet. If the croupier does not have Blackjack, the player loses their insurance but continues with their bet on the hand. A draw happens when the player and the croupier both have Blackjack.

Croupier’s cards in Blackjack

The croupier must keep turning cards over until they reach a total of 17 or over, even if the values of the hands on the table are lower than 17. The croupier stops turning cards over when they have a total of between 17 and 21 in their hand, or when their hand adds up to more than 21 and they go bust. In this case, all players win their bets.

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