System 21

Questions and doubts

Over recent months I have received various questions from readers which I have tried to organize on this page in a practical way that should be useful to you. If you still have any queries after reading this FAQ, please use the contact form to send me your message, question or doubt.

Is System 21 free?

System 21 is a method that will always allow you to make the mathematically perfect play during games of Blackjack. The system is totally free and available on this page to anyone who wishes to put the concept into practice at one of the casinos recommended on this website. System 21 does not cost you anything: it is totally free and you can use it as often as you like. You can even show it to your friends.

How much should I deposit at each casino?

> £5 – £25 – This is not enough money to allow you to apply System 21.
£50 – Will only allow you to make very small bets, which makes it difficult to win much money.
£80 – The casino understands that you are trying to get bonuses and withdraw large sums of money.
£100 or more  – In general, people who follow System 21 to the letter in this way really do win good money.

In light of the above, I suggest you always make an initial deposit of at least £50 to £500, which, as I explain in the demonstration of the method is the way to ensure peace of mind and play with confidence, backed up a comfortable bankroll that will allow you to put the system into practice with guaranteed results.

The more money you deposit at a casino, the more bonuses you will receive. With more money available to you, you’ll be able to successfully put this Blackjack system into practice. This will allow you to place minimum bets of higher amounts, winning more money in the same amount of time.

How do I withdraw my money from the casinos?

There are various ways of withdrawing money from online casinos, and you can choose the method that is most convenient for you. I recommend that you always use e-wallet services such as MoneybookersPaypal or Neteller, which allow you to subsequently transfer money to your bank account. Likewise, you can also choose to have money transferred directly to your bank account by the casino if you prefer. If you deposit your money using a credit card (VISA or MasterCard) you can also withdraw funds directly to your credit card.

Are there bonuses for new players?

All the casinos recommended on this site offer bonuses to new players ranging from £200 to £3,000 depending on the casino in question. Check out the offers available on the site and take advantage of those that offer the best bonuses to start playing with the maximum possible funds. That way you will have a bigger bankroll and will be able to win more money in the same amount of time.

How long can I use the System 21 method for?

System 21 is timeless: you can use it forever. Feel free to recommend the system to your friends, and use the method at more than one casino at a time. This will help you to distribute your winnings and escape undue attention, which is very important when putting this system into practice.

Is the system secure and legal?

System 21 is 100% secure and legal. Gaming at online casinos is perfectly normal and legal in the UK, and you should not be worried about this issue. The method itself is also perfectly secure, since when employing the method you are simply playing Blackjack in the normal way without cheating. A perfect play in Blackjack depends solely on knowing in advance whether you should ask the dealer for another card or not, whether you should double your bet, split, or just stand. There’s nothing illegal about it: it’s just playing Blackjack.

This innovative system has the sole aim of helping you to understand what action you should take at certain points in the game. Just use the table provided and apply each of the tips whenever your cards are dealt. If you play according to the instructions in the table and apply the right game play (see how the method works) you will have a mathematical advantage over the croupier and that is why you will win. Apart from being secure and legal, System 21 gives guaranteed results!

Happy gaming!


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